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Corrections Policy

Now Then Entertainment Media Kampala, also known as Now Then Digital, takes responsibility for the accuracy of the content on its website. We recognize the importance of providing accurate and thorough news coverage, and therefore take corrective action as soon as possible if any incorrect material is discovered on our website.

Premise: Accuracy in Reporting

At Now Then Digital, we strive to provide our audience with accurate and up-to-date news coverage. If we discover any inaccuracies in the information on our website, we make every effort to respond as soon as possible by issuing corrections, clarifications, or editor’s notes, and notifying our readers of any updates.

Updating a Report

When a factual inaccuracy is discovered during our fact-check, we update the article as necessary and note the correction made at the top of the article. We also allow readers to recommend necessary corrections at the end of each post, and corrections can be sent to


If we make a substantive change to a piece of content, such as writing, photo captions, headlines, graphics, or videos, we post a correction outlining the justification for the change.


When our journalism contains accurate facts, but the language used to express them is imprecise or inadequate, we provide a clarification to rewrite the text and explain the story in more detail. Clarifications are also used to indicate when fresh information has changed our original version of an event, or when we initially neglected to request a remark or reaction that has now been added to the narrative.

Editor’s Notes

If a correction creates a substantial ethical quandary or throws the entire content of an article into question, we may include an editor’s note explaining the issue. Adding an editor’s note is approved by a senior editor, and we also provide information on our Editorial Policy for reference.

Other Corrections Policies

If a reader discovers an issue and reports it in the comments, our community engagement staff can indicate in the comments that it has been corrected. If incorrect material is published on social media, we immediately correct it on that platform or retract it if necessary.

We do not assign blame to specific reporters or editors, but take responsibility as a team for ensuring accuracy in our reporting.

Reporting Inaccuracies

If you believe that a story we have published is incorrect, please contact our editorial team using the ‘Contact us‘ section at the bottom of every web-article we have published, or email us at

Take-down Requests

We do not entertain take-down requests as a matter of editorial policy, except in cases where a person’s physical safety is at risk due to publicly available personal data. If the subject claims that the story was erroneous, we will investigate and, if required, issue a correction. If fairness requires an update or follow-up on our earlier coverage, we will comply and consider whether further editorial action is necessary.

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